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Combining BI, IoT and Blockchain to Skyrocket Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry.

Game-changing Digital Transformation. A manufacturing Execution System (MES) that combines best practices with state-of-the-art technology, to boots Production and Quality, while enforcing repeatable processes and minimizing errors.

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How Wakapi helped improve the experience between and their merchants.

WrinkleBrain - an Independent Software Vendor and Systems Integrator - is primarily focused on supporting the Amazon Merchants program through integration products and services.

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Ready for the DevOps journey?

Today, more than ever, application delivery must be on par with the versatility demanded by the most-dynamic-ever business world.

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  • On how partnering with Wakapi provides strategic advantages

    "... As an independent software consultant, I consider Wakapi my secret weapon. Often times, I participate in project which are understaffed and on tight budgets. With Wakapi I can bid on projects with a highly competitive price. I then provide a local face and expertise to my customer while Wakapi works with me to deliver the quality software and code my customers expect..."

    Torsten Kablitz
    Principal Product Manager - Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • On the quality of our talent, analytical thinking, and culture.

    "... I have previously outsourced various development projects to teams in Mexico, India, Eastern Europe, and the UK in addition to Argentina, and I can say without a doubt that Wakapi has been the best experience...

    ...On guidance and oversight, they have been the lowest maintenance outsourced team I've worked with. During concept design, I usually like to layout the general Idea / business problem, and have the team distill the specifics. A quality I have found to be particularly useful in team Wakapi is that they will keep coming back with the right questions to implement a well scoped solution. This signals a thorough understanding of the business problem, and a culture of sharing your ideas and opinions, something I have found lacking in most of my other outsourcing engagements..."

    Mitch Labrador
    Chief Software Architect, Mitmar LC
  • On how Wakapi can provide higher value and lead a project end-to-end.

    "... At the time we hired the services of Wakapi, we had no experience in software development for mobile devices. I thought that could be a potential risk as we would very much depend on them for everything. Fortunately, team Wakapi provided a service of much higher value than I anticipated. They took over and managed the entire process, from idea and concept to design and implementation. By the time they completed the process we felt as though we had been doing mobile applications for years. I found Wakapi to be a resourceful company that will go above and beyond their duties to exceed customer expectations. They are today our partner and ally and not a services provider..."

    Julian Chabouleyron
    CEO, GISWorking SRL
  • On the advantages of having Wakapi augment a local development team

    "For NetSteps, having developers in a nearshore outsourcing relationship not only makes financial sense, but business sense as well. Sometimes having isolated developers away from the corporate office is a good thing because while I deal with the day-to-day operations and client requests, I always know that my Wakapi resources continue developing unencumbered..."

    "... I was always amazed at not only the knowledge of my Wakapi developers, but also at their ability to take my specifications and turn them in to reality. I would highly recommend Wakapi to anyone looking for a cost-effective yet extremely knowledgeable solution for both staff augmentation or entire project outsourcing."

    Derek Maxfield
    President, NetSteps
  • On Wakapi's approach to customer relationships.

    "... It has been very refreshing to work with a company that desires a relationship that is more than just your regular client - vendor situation. I feel WrinkleBrain and Wakapi have become partners in ensuring the success of WrinkleBrain and SellerIQ. We needed our company to get up and running very quickly as time-to-market would be decisive to the viability of SellerIQ. Wakapi's ability to facilitate a quick start along with their talent and skills resulted into a pivotal contribution to our cause."

    Sean Doyle
    CTO, WrinkleBrain, Inc
  • On Wakapi's experience, trustworthiness, and quality of service.

    "We are pleased to highlight Wakapi's experience and express our absolute confidence in the services they provide us. Wakapi collaborates with our Development and Security Departments in the design and development of risk management software tools, a fundamental piece in the Internet services provision sector.

    Given our outstanding experience, we can certify the efficiency and reliability of Wakapi, whose performance has been decisive in the success of our products. We want to highlight the quality of the code that was delivered, and the additional documentation provided to support it.

    Our experience allows us to endorse and recommend Wakapi to anyone looking for a partner who can deliver end-to-end, high-standards solutions.

    Miguel Martínez Vélez
    Director of Development - Arsys

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