This is the Wakapi Spirit

Global society, its economy, and the way companies do business are in constant evolution, reinventing and reshaping themselves, hand in hand with the progress of technology.

We are here to help you do your part, providing inspired and innovative solutions that perfect the interaction between individuals and companies. Maximizing customer satisfaction and multiplying businesses’ chances of success.

Fostering and Nurturing Technological Talent is the cornerstone of our philosophy and our way of promoting the growth and progress of our people.

We believe in Entrepreneurship, and we encourage and invest in its development. This is our way of standing meaningful beyond our services, generating a spiral of value-added motion on our community.


TRANSPARENCY as our guideline
COLLABORATION as our lifestyle
COMMITMENT as our daily duty
GLOBAL THINKING as our inspiration
PASSION as our way to live technology
INNOVATION as our endless pursuit

When you choose to work with Wakapi you get:


3 Nearshore locations multiplying resources availability. Mendoza (Argentina) / San Rafael (Argentina) / Curitiba (Brazil)

Outsourcing challenges awareness

Great communication skills, professional project planning, timely delivery, quality of code, flexibility, adaptability, and a never-stop recruiting process.

Your one-stop shop

A multidisciplinary team with a culture of org-wide knowledge sharing and collaboration.

An experienced partner

14+ years in business and an impeccable track record of projects in a multiplicity of industries and technologies

A natural born agile partner

A philosophy that is transverse to our entire organization.

An up-to-date partner

With permanent in-house training programs for our talent.

A partner that believes
in the future

With a work in progress Coding Academy scheduled to be launched in 2021

A partner that invests in innovation

With an entrepreneurship program destined for our staff and soon to be open to our community.

A partner with a
dependable team

As an average 7.2 years of employment for our current staff shows.